Thread: error on second dialog Create

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    Question error on second dialog Create

    when i create a window, destroy it then create it again i get error pointing to:
    BOOL CGdiObject::Attach(HGDIOBJ hObject)
    this line ->	ASSERT(m_hObject == NULL);      // only attach once, detach on destroy
    	if (hObject == NULL)
    		return FALSE;
    	CHandleMap* pMap = afxMapHGDIOBJ(TRUE); // create map if not exist
    	ASSERT(pMap != NULL);
    	pMap->SetPermanent(m_hObject = hObject, this);
    	return TRUE;
    this is my code:
    header file:
    CCTS m_CTS;
    cpp file in a menu command event:
    void CChateXDlg::OnMCTS() 
    	if(IsWindow(m_CTS.GetSafeHwnd()) == FALSE)
    		m_CTS.Create(IDD_CTS_DIALOG, GetDesktopWindow());
    anybody know why do i get this error? Thanks.

    edit: doesnt matter i fixed it
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    Do you
    m_hObject = NULL;
    Immediately after you free it?
    Otherwise, it may think you've still got the old one when you're trying to get a new one.
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    its fixed look what happened i have a class CLabel derived CStatic that is on the CTS dialog and on PreSubclassWindow i create a font which is declared in the header, problem is i didnt think that when destroying the dialog the class is not destroyed so the font was created 2 times that was the error i just used m_font.DeleteObject(); and that fixed it

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