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    Question Borland C++BuilderX, fatal error

    Well I'm not sure if anyone here will be able to help me with this problem. It isn't really a problem with code, but the compiler/IDE itself.

    I am running Borland C++BuilderX Personal v1.0

    I've been trying to learn this IDE lately because... well.. I actually bought it o_O! Well I didn't use my money, but anyway...

    Whenever I try building/running any code, I get the following error(s) in the build messages window :
    bcc32 -D_DEBUG -g100 -j25 -Od -r- -k -y -v -vi- -tWC -c -IC:\devel\CBuilderX\include -oC:\devel\src\c++\phonebook\windows\Debug_Build\untitled1.obj   untitled1.cpp 
    Borland C++ 5.6.4 for Win32 Copyright (c) 1993, 2002 Borland
    ilink32 -D -ap -Tpe -x -Gn -v -LC:\devel\CBuilderX\lib  c0x32.obj windows\Debug_Build\untitled1.obj,C:\devel\src\c++\phonebook\windows\Debug_Build\phonebook.exe,,cw32.lib import32.lib,, 
    Turbo Incremental Link 5.65 Copyright (c) 1997-2002 Borland
    Fatal: Too many EXE file names: \phonebook\windows\Debug_Build\phonebook.exe
     ILINK32 exited with error code: 2
    Build cancelled due to errors
    Figured I'd paste the entire output, not just the error, but as you can see the actual error i'm getting is "Fatal: Too many EXE file names:". Any ideas as to what this is exactly and how to go about fixing it ?


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    > c0x32.obj windows\Debug_Build\untitled1.obj,
    According to the help, you need a comma after c0x32.obj
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