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    Internet Connection

    hey everyone,

    I'm starting to learn how to allow my program to connect to a remote server. It is on a LAN, an dI have the IP address. I need to establish an FTP connection and download a file to the local drive to temporarily work with it and then delete. I've read the MSDN on FTP commands (WinInet ) and such, but I still have a little clue on how to structure the code. Is there a good tutorial on writing this code?

    So far I have this sequence of commands:

    Could someone briefly explain how it is all done, please.
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    OK, I've done more research and I am trying to test using the microsoft ftp server. here's the code:
    CInternetSession isession;
    	CFtpConnection* pConnect;
    	pConnect = isession.GetFtpConnection(_T(""));
    	CString dir;
    	FILE *out = fopen("H:\\GUI\\testInet.txt", "w");
    	fprintf(out, "current dir: >%s<\n", dir);
    CFtpFileFind finder(pConnect);
    	BOOL bWorking = finder.FindFile(_T("*"));
          while (bWorking)
             bWorking = finder.FindNextFile();
             fprintf(out,"%s\n", (LPCTSTR) finder.GetFileURL());
    From here I think I can output the file names to the user and then use the one that user selects as the new directory to go into it. Is there anything wrong with the code? any pitfalls I can get myself into with this?
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