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    Angry binary code

    okay i bought this book called C++ for Dummies and on Part 1 Chapter 4, its explaining how binary code works,,, is it that important to know how binary code works out??? because i wont understand a word of this binary talk stuff, I thought C++ and other programming laguages where made so we didnt have to deal with such a thing. So heres the question, is binary code important for me to know, and if thats right then can someone explain in lame mans terms how it works or point me in the direction?

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    Not really, unless you get into bit twiddling or any kind of output with binary. Though you will want to know about it at some point.

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    I don't really understand why people thinks binary is so hard. I mean, it's like the decimal system but with base 2 instead of 10.
    // Gliptic

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    Gliptic, I'm with you. Most of the time, it's more convenient to work in binary and hex, than decimal.

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