Thread: Constructor call difference

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    Constructor call difference


    I have that test class

    class TestClass
    		std::cout << "Constructor" <<std::endl;
    		std::cout << "Deconstructor" << std::endl;
    int main()
    	//what is the difference between them 
    	TestClass rt; // show constructor, deconstructor output
    	TestClass rt1(); // does nothing
    	return 1;
    I am interested what is the difference between the two object declaration, because second declaration ( TestClass rt1(); ) seems to do nothing


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    TestClass rt1(); // does nothing

    Because the compiler thinks this is a function declaration

    rt1() is a function that takes no parameters and returns a TestClass.

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    Well the 2nd one looks like a prototype for a function called rt1, taking no parameters and returning a TestClass
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    Incidentally, the more usual word for what you're calling "deconstructor" is "destructor".

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