Thread: Having a class function call a function outside the class

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    Having a class function call a function outside the class

    This is a bit hard to explain, and i'm not even sure this is possible in C++, but here it goes.

    Imagine I have a class "Level" for a tetris game. One function in this class is called "CheckLines" and it checks if there are any lines in the level and then removes them.

    In the main program I have another function, "onLineFound", which, for example, plays a sound effect and adds 10 point to the score.

    Now everytime "CheckLines" finds a line, I want it to call "onLineFound", but I do not want "onLineFound" to be part of the "Level" class (because the class is platform independent and playing a sound is not).

    Note that I could solve this particular example in other ways, but I'm looking for the method, not the solution


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    The method is to ensure there is a prototype for the function you wish to call visible to the compiler at the point you wish to call it.
    void onLineFound();   //   this declaration may be in a header file
    void Level::CheckLines()
       // equivalent to above, but more explicit
    The above assumes both the class member function and the function being called accept no arguments and return void.

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    You could use a callback function, via function pointers. However, a better solution (in my opinion) would be to write your method as a functor (a struct with overloaded operator( ) to behave like a function), and pass that to your class. If swapping the function out is no issue, then use grumpy's solution.
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