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    Getline Problem

    Hi! I changed the line to new_name.getline ! But now it only gets the last lines of
    the datafile. Why is that?

    #include <fstream.h> // Header file used to open/close files
    #include <stdlib.h> // Header file that includes the 'exit' function
    #include <cstring.h> // Header file that is used to declare variables as strings
    #include <io.h> // Header file that includes the 'EOF' function

    char name [256];
    char lname [256];
    char *namearray [50]; // Declares an array
    char *lnamearray [50];
    char infob [200];
    int a =-1;

    void main ()
    ifstream new_name; // Declares the input stream ("c:/names.txt", ios::in); // Opens the textfile

    if (!new_name) // Checks to see if file is in the disk
    cout << "Error opening file.\n"; // Displays information on to the screen
    exit(1); // Exits the program

    while (new_name)
    a++; // Counter
    new_name.getline (name, 255, '\n');
    namearray [a] = name; // Stores it into an array
    eof(0); // Ends the loop when it is at end of file

    for (int v=0; v < a; v++)
    cout << namearray [v] << " " << endl;
    // Displays values from the file

    new_name.close(); // Closes the file

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    oh man!
    >namearray [a] = name;<
    what's that???
    you have to use strcpy if you are working with char*
    but why do you use char* ?? i mean vector<string> would be so easy to deal with as an array...
    and string is much easier than char*

    and >eof(0);<
    haven't seen it yet... but i don't work that much with c++, so what does it do?
    Hope you don't mind my bad english, I'm Austrian!

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    Try this out, then compare the two programs and see what changes I made. And just so that I don't get complaints, void main is not standard and therefore you shouldn't do it. The standard dictates that int main(void) should be used.
    #include <fstream>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <cstring>
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    void main()
    	char name[256];
    	char *namearray[50];
    	int a = -1;
    	ifstream new_name("names.txt");
    	if (!new_name){
    		cout << "Error opening file.\n";
    	while (!new_name.eof()){
    		new_name.getline (name, 255, '\n');
    		namearray[a] = new char[255];
    		strcpy(namearray[a], name);
    	for (int v=0; v < a; v++)
    		cout << namearray [v] << " " << endl;
    p.s. I had to create my own data file to test this, but it works quite well.

    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    thank YOU very much!! it worked!!!~


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