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    Fedora Core3

    Hello to all.
    I'm running Fedora Core3.
    Two Questions.

    1. I wrote a simple C program starting: # include <stdio.h>
    I gave it to the compiler: gcc -o program program.c and got
    stdio.h: no such file or directory, although it did compile this simple
    program, I'm sure when stdio.h is needed,it won't.
    I looked in /usr/include and sure enough it wasn't there.

    2. I have tried for weeks to compile C++ on the same OS I have used every
    conceivable combination to try to invoke the compiler.
    I know it's in there, but where? In Red Hat 7 it was easy: g++ program.cpp
    Again I looked in /usr/include and there it was C++

    Any help would be much appreciated

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    Not too sure if this is the best option, but why dont you just download that header file off the internet and move it into that directory yourself? Seems fairly simple...
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    I use g++, why not install g++ ?

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    For JoshR
    How do I install g++ ?

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    Well for me, I use ubunutu (a debian based linux) so I can type: apt-get install g++

    Check out this page, appearently it comes with gcc so you might want to re-install gcc or just install this one over your current gcc:

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    you probably didn't select the development tools package when you installed. If you still have the install CDs you can install that stuff from there. If not, try up2date <package-name> or yum install <package-name> .

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