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    My specific question is: how do I fix this problem:

    if(whitepiece[index].jumpup(xposition2, yposition2, matrix) == 0 && whitepiece[index].moveup(xposition2, yposition2, matrix == 0))
    C:\PROGRAM FILES\MICROSOFT VISUAL STUDIO\MYPROJECTS\SnSCheckers\main.cpp(173) : error C2664: 'moveup' : cannot convert parameter 3 from 'bool' to 'int [][8]'
            Conversion from integral type to pointer type requires reinterpret_cast, C-style cast or function-style cast
    the .moveup and .jumpup functions return a bool and the matrix is [int][int].

    And in general, when does one need to typecast?

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    Generally that sort of an error, pointer to integer, or integer to pointer, means you're passing the wrong thing to a function. Specifically, it means where you're supposed to be using an integer, you're using a pointer. In this case, it means you're doing something like this:
    void foo( int bar[][SOMESIZE] );
    int x;
    foo( x );
    This is clearly wrong, because this function wants a two dimensional array, and you're simply passing it one integer. A cast would most definately be wrong here. The correct thing to do would be to pass it what it expects you to pass it, and not something incorrect.

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    caught my mistake, I just had a misplaced )

    so I <i>was</i> passing it the right data type...

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