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    Can Someone do,i can't

    Create a menu program that will include the following:
    1. Create /Add student data
    2. Delete student data
    3. Record/Correct student records
    4. Display student records
    5. Statistical Analysis
    6. Quit

    Write a create/add function and the print function.
    The create/add function should open the data file as
    either create or add. Prompt the user to decide which
    way the data file is to be opened, then input student
    name, social security number and course number. Set
    all grades and average to zero. Write the structure
    to the file. The program is to check each field
    entered for the maximum size and loop until the
    correct data is entered. Modify the function to set
    all grades and the average to zero.

    The display function should display each student
    record in the file to the screen in column form. All
    other functions should display a message. The program
    should continue looping until quit is chosen. The
    data file to be used can be set up as an external
    variable or constant. The menu should be defined in
    an array of pointers.

    Write the delete function. The function should request
    from the user identifying information that will
    determine which studentís information is to be
    deleted. The file should stay in the order it is
    already in. Also add wallpaper, color shadowing the
    menu box, turning off the cursor and selecting from
    the menu by highlighting the selections. Color should
    be added to the functions already created.

    Write the update function. This function should
    request which grade the user wants to record for all
    the students at one time. (Example: The teacher has
    graded test 1 and wishes to record all the test 1
    grades for the class). Before the file is rewritten,
    the user should be allowed the option of having the
    grades averaged at this time (use average function
    that drops the lowest grade).

    Write the statistical analysis function. The function
    should analyze the student averages. Print to the
    printer each studentís name and average. For the
    class print to the printer the highest average, lowest
    average, the average of the class and the standard
    deviation with identifying literals. Also print on
    the screen a frequency chart, in graphics mode,
    showing how many A, B, C, D, and F final grades.

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    sure i'll get right on it

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    Moderator edit: don't even think about it.

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    When you have attempted this, and have specific problems, start a new thread.

    Homework policy which is posted at the top of the forum, beside the rules, which you did read didn't you?
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