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    Adventure Game

    im trying to make a adventure game where it said hi do u wanna fight
    <a> yes
    <b> no
    type in a you get puched out then killed
    game over
    . one of those games

    i put this in
    " #include <iostream>

    int main()


    it doesnt work i want to have it typed out then do a chouse

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    Is this an attempt at trolling?

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    >> it doesnt work <<

    Some good things to read: (while this may not be directly an issue, the point made still holds)
    The word rap as it applies to music is the result of a peculiar phonological rule which has stripped the word of its initial voiceless velar stop.

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    31 might want to read some books or tuts to atleast get a sense of what programming is. By the looks of the other posts, you have absolutely no idea of what you are doing. So even if you would just take a glimpse at the tuts on this site you could have easily made a simple program. I would suggest "thinking, before posting".

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    i looked on google and i couldnt find any good ones thats 4 the links cheers

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