Thread: program terminates when loop stops

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    program terminates when loop stops

    The following code is meant to simulate and set up a checkers board. It then asks for 2 numbers, and prints out the piece on that square. The first loop in main() runs fine, but the program ends after the loop does. Can anyone explain this please?

    A checkers engine, for future use in programs
    by Alex Borland
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    struct square{
           int status;
           int xPos;
           int yPos;
    int main(){//The main point of interest is here...
    //--------------declare board
    square board[12][12];
    int dec1 = 0;
    int dec2 = 0;
    cout << "declaring board" << endl;
    for (dec1=0; dec1<13; dec1++){
        for (dec2=0; dec2<13; dec2++){
            board[dec1][dec2].status = 0;
    //the loop runs, but the program stops after the loop breaks
    cout << "board declared" << endl;
    //-------------------done declaring board, start placing pieces
    board[2][3].status = 1;//starting positions for all black pieces
    board[3][2].status = 1;//black pieces are denoted by 1, kings by 2
    board[3][4].status = 1;//an empty space has a status of 0;
    board[4][3].status = 1;//for our purposes of move restrictions, there is a 2-space border around the outside which all contain status 9 'neutral' pieces to prevent off-board movement
    board[5][2].status = 1;
    board[5][4].status = 1;
    board[6][3].status = 1;
    board[7][2].status = 1;
    board[7][4].status = 1;
    board[8][3].status = 1;
    board[9][2].status = 1;
    board[9][4].status = 1;
    board[2][9].status = 4;//starting positions for all red pieces
    board[2][7].status = 4;//squares occupied by a red piece are denoted by a 4, kings are 5
    board[3][8].status = 4;
    board[4][9].status = 4;
    board[4][7].status = 4;
    board[5][8].status = 4;
    board[6][9].status = 4;
    board[6][7].status = 4;
    board[7][8].status = 4;
    board[8][9].status = 4;
    board[8][7].status = 4;
    board[9][8].status = 4;
    //----------------------------------done setting up board
    cout << "board set up" << endl;
    int i = 0;
    int j = 0;
    cout << "select the X poition of the square you want to view" << endl;
    cin >> i;
    cout << "and the Y position?" << endl;
    cin >> j;
    cout << board[i][j].status;
    return 0;

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    There is no "loop". You need to put the code that you want to repeat into a while loop or a for loop or some other loop so that it will repeat.

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    board[4][9].status = 4;
    board[4][7].status = 4;
    board[5][8].status = 4;
    // ...
    I would probably put that in a for loop.

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    for (dec1=0; dec1<13; dec1++){
        for (dec2=0; dec2<13; dec2++){
            board[dec1][dec2].status = 0;
    You're going past the end of the array. Try this:
    for (dec1=0; dec1<12; dec1++){
        for (dec2=0; dec2<12; dec2++){
            board[dec1][dec2].status = 0;
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