Thread: What does this line of code mean?

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    What does this line of code mean?


    I'm very much a C++ newbie and I'm trying to read some code I've been given, but I can't find what this line means:

    list< int > result;
    'result' seems to be a class of some sort, but I don't understand this syntax at all. Does anyone have any ideas?

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    you may want to take a look into the C++ Standard Template Library or STL for short
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    list is a template class, which means you can have lists of whatever you want.
    In this case, it's a list of ints.
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    The C++ language has certain features like variables and arrays. An array can be used to store more than one value. C++ also provides you with other "containers" that can store more than one value. One of those "containers" is called a list. The code:
    list< int > result;
    declares a list named "result" that will contain ints. It uses a different syntax, but it is similar to how you would declare an integer array:
    int myArray[10];
    However, with a list, you don't have to specify the size. The size of the list changes automatically as you add ints to it.
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