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    Unhappy Open GL ?

    Hi guys I want to move away from Text Game Programs and learn somthing a little more advanced now, like open GL so I can work with graphics.

    But I have to questions..

    Will it run ok on my system, I have WindowsXp and I use a combination of DevC++ and Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Beta 2.

    My other question is that do I have to know Windows Programming to learn Open Gl, as most graphics are presented in a window format ont on DOS.

    Any Help will be greatly appreiciated

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    the docs for opengl will actually explain how to use it for programming.

    and, you can use opengl in dos, just you would be directly driving the graphics card, which will include every aspect of what is on screen.

    to use it under a gui, you should look at the api docs for your gui.
    ( since mine is enlightenment I can't say exactly what you would need to know to use windows api with opengl )
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    I thought the folks at Nehe did a great job helping you set up OpenGL using just about any OS you wanted and the tutorials were just as good.
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