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    ~~?!>@! New or Old the Boards READ THIS !@<?~~

    The following will be covered.

    1. How to post and what your post
    should include.

    2. General Questions Answered

    3. Good Tutorial Sites

    Section 1
    First and most important the use of code tags.

    you use [ c o d e ] (without spaces)
    and [ / c o d e ] to turn on and off code tags.

    the following is example of code posted with
    and without code tags :

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
         return 0;

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;

    int main()
    return 0;

    See the difference, the code with tags
    is easier to read and follow.

    Now you must decide which catergory
    your question fits in. To decide this shouldn't
    be to hard. A good guideline is if your post
    contains no code or no question about a select
    peice of code, then it possibly belongs in general
    catergory. If you have a GUI question post in
    the operating system specific to your question.
    If your using char array, and havent heard of strings.
    Theres a good chance you should be posting in C instead
    of C++, unless you are using other c++ functions.
    Here are a few header that if you have included
    you probably need a c++ post :
    <vector>, <string>, <map>, <list>, <set>, <deque>
    If your post contains INT WINAPI WinMain()
    then you should be posting in the windows
    section. Any question dealing with
    sound and animation would probably be asked
    best in game programming. Anything dealing
    with the internet, sockets, HTTP, FTP, SMTP,
    and so on would best be asked in the network
    . If you want to ask people
    for another kind of help project and recruitment
    board is for you. If youd like to start or
    compete in a contest the contest board
    is for you.

    The next important thing is to ask a smart
    question, believe it or not there is a website
    on how to ask a smart question. You should only
    be asking a question if or the
    board search has not returned anything useful.
    Dont forget that alot of smart people here have
    already answered alot of the beginner question in
    the FAQ.
    (No one ever follows that last advice, because if
    they did we wouldnt have any post and none of us
    would want that ).

    Your topic should be about your problem,
    not help im a noob, or this is a stupid question.
    A good topic would be, How do i use rand();?
    Then follow up with what your problem
    is, what you have tried, and post any
    code that you have written in an attempt
    to fix your own problem. The less winded
    and more precise you are the better help
    you will recieve.

    If you are going to ask a homework question
    make sure you have posted the code you have written
    so far and point out your problem. No one here
    will write your code for you, but everyone is glad
    to help with a problem.

    This brings us to posting reply's, we are all here
    to help so if you think you have something valid
    to offer you should post, if you are wrong someone
    will correct you and you will have learned something
    from the experience as well.

    Section 2

    Common Questions Ask by Beginners

    How do I get my program to wait for a keypress?
    Clear the screen?
    Generate random numbers?
    How do I get a number from the user (C)
    Stop my Windows Console from disappearing everytime I run my program?
    Where can I download a missing header file?
    Test an int to determine if it is even or odd
    Convert a string (char array) to an int
    Convert an int to a string (char array) (C)
    Get a line of text from the user/keyboard (C)
    Convert an int to a string (C++)
    Convert a string to a int (C++)
    Obtain a string from the user (C++)
    Format output using printf() (C)
    Format output using cout (C++)
    Comparing strings (C)
    Run a program from within a program
    Display a picture file in DOS
    Multiple source files for one program (C++ example)
    gotoxy() in a Windows Console
    Flush the input buffer
    How can I get input without having the user hit [Enter]?
    Why does my program enter an infinite loop if the user inputs invalid data? (C++)
    How can I convert a char/string to upper or lower case?
    Accessing command line parameters/arguments
    Validate user input
    Color my text
    Work with dates and times
    Use directional keys in a console application
    Work with files (C)
    Work with files (C++)
    Time my application/function
    Accessing a directory and all the files within it
    Converting a string to binary
    Separate a string into tokens? (C++)
    Throwing exceptions (C++)
    Separate a string into tokens? (C)
    Using templates to solve problems
    Reading data from a socket

    Section 3
    Winsock Tutorial Tutorial
    SOurce Code Search Engine
    STL C++ Library
    Good Free C++ Compiler
    Preludes Wonderful Site
    C++ Tutorial
    Win32 Programming Tutorial
    c++ articles
    Game Developer
    OpenGL Documentation
    The forger win32 tutorial
    Beej's Guide to Network Programming
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    Thanks alot!

    Lots of good info, especially those links!

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    Just pointing out...
    STMP <--- don't you mean SMTP

    Nice article

    With some tweaks and grammer corrections This could be a very usefull "noob" guide or for intermediates too.

    PS Its good you pointed out which forums are for what, tons of win32 api questions are asked in c++ forums...
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    yea ive bene meaning to write thsi for a while, the longer i wait
    the mroe stuff i forget to add, i plan on including some more stuff
    when i remember lol, yea i know my grammer is very bad.

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    I added a few more links, that i remembered or came
    across today.

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    Ahh... The intent here is good, but I'm not too sure if it is all that useful. The first section is included in the forum Announcements in various forms. The links to the FAQ can, well, be found in the FAQ. The list of sites with tutorials is a good thing to have, though.

    The problem with the first part is, the folks who should read it are the ones who already ignored that announcements, the faq, etc, and so, they are unlikely to read this as well.

    And a side note: <vectors>, <strings> and <maps> do not exist... or at least, are non-standard.
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    This is a pretty good guid for people who just joined the forum. Maybe it will become a sticky, so more new people can read it, and ask questions that can actualy be answered.
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    actually wasnt looking forward to it becoming a sticky cause i
    dont think many people read the sticky or the annoucments
    which is why i made another post about it.

    for zach, i think this kind of thing just needs to be posted every
    once in a while but i thought mine added something mroe that
    we dont see, also i know its in the FAQ, but how many people
    you think check the FAQ, i dont think many do
    so i think this will be a good place for them to find what this site
    has to offer, and thanks about the header i fixed it, i like
    to put 's' on alot of things.

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    I usually check FAQs first or search MSDN(im not too good with MSDN) but a lot of times i just get lazy and find it easier to just ask here.
    Yeah, i never read stickes before i post, in a new forum.
    I like the idea of this being reposted once in a while, or just posting in this thread everytime it gets to 2nd page, so it gets bumped up.
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    The point is probably entirely academic. I just don't think someone who is going to ignore looking at something like the FAQ will bother reading many other posts, either. I could be way off. Anyway, I really do like the list of tutorials... though I think Prelude's site outranks MSDN.

    The word rap as it applies to music is the result of a peculiar phonological rule which has stripped the word of its initial voiceless velar stop.

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    I have to agree with Zach L. on this...
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    oh there was no special order as in a rank or
    so i just posted them in which i found them :/

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    ah i have more links but it wont let me edit it, ill
    post them here i guess.

    20 Questions ( AI Programming )

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