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    I recently got a new computer and have been out of the programming scence for awhile. I was thinking of reaquiring Dev C++, but I had heard that the program is under new management. So, my question is, is Dev C++ still 100% adware and spyware free? If not, what release, if any, is malware free?


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    To be honest you can download DevC++ free from a number of free compiler sites. I use it and get no hassle from adware

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    Please explain how you could introduce adware/spyware to a popular compiler and not cause a mass exodus.

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    And, it's open source (GPL) so you don't have to worry. If somebody messes it up, old versions will still be available, and someone else will fix it!

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    I guess you are right... I had to get my computer's hard-drive wiped clean because of some adware in a "free" Java IDE, so I was just being cautious.

    Thanks guys!

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