Thread: dynamic allocation.

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    dynamic allocation.

    How do I declare multi dimensional arrays?

    char *ptr;
    ptr = new char[size];
    Worked... but...
    char **ptr;
    ptr = new char[3][2];
    Gives an error 'Cannot convert char[2]* to char **'.
    char * ptr[];
    ptr = new char [2][3];
    Obviuosly gave an error 'The size of ptr[] is unknown or zero.'

    I tried some other combinations in vain; but they gave errors like 'Lvalue required'.
    I checked many books, but they only give the syntax for single dimensional arrays...
    Please Excuse if this question looks really stupid or if the answer is obvious...

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    This only works if you know the sizes of your minor dimensions at compile time

    char (*ptr)[2];
    ptr = new char[3][2];
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    you do nopt make a 2d array dynamically like that in c++. There is no operator new[][].
    You will need to use a couple of loops. It has been covered many times. Search the boards to find code samples.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    Boy, now this's quick reply.
    I wanted to declare an array to store the data in a 'raw' file.
    since I don't know the the dimensions of the file forehand, I asked this question...

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