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    C++ problem

    a) Write a program to produce a content page for a book using data supplied in fixed format.The data should be read off a file and the output sent to a printer.
    Consider the following input:
    (First steps (The computers, 5)(Problem Solving (definition, 10) (Outline, 15) (algorithms, 20) (Programs & Procedures, 25)) (Types & Looping (Types (Integer, 30) (Character, 36)
    (Boolean, 43) (Looping (Counting loops, 49) (Conditional Loops, 52)))
    The parentheses indicate the chapters, section & subsections & the numbers foollowing them are the page numbers, Page numberws
    are given when there is no further subsection. The output for the data above would be:

    1. First Steps
    1.1 The Computer 5
    1.2 Problem Solving
    1.2.1 Definition 10
    1.2.2 Outline 15
    1.2.3 Algorithms 20
    1.3Programs & Procedures 25
    2. Type & Looping
    2.1 Types
    2.1.1 Integer 30
    2.1.2 Character 36
    2.1.3 Boolean 43
    2.2 Looping
    2.2.1 Counting Loops 49
    2.2.2 Conditional Loops 52

    b) The two text file names File1 & File2 each hold a number of English sentences.
    Write a C++ program to carry out the following operations:
    1.Given a word, it lists how many times that word appears in File1 & File2.
    2.List all the words that occur in both the File1 & File2.
    3.List all the words that occur in File1 but not in File2.
    4.List all the words from both the files that alphabetically come after the word "nice".
    5.To print a list where the words appear in alphabetical order.

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    Plz answer as possible as quickly csz this is very important for me.So..........plz help!!!!!!!!!

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