Thread: Working with Binary Numbers in C++

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    On a side note, a byte is not always 8 bits...

    static int size = sizeof(unsigned long) * 8;
    Here is code I wrote that uses the correct byte size depending on ur system...
    template <typename ChildType>
    string ConvtoBin (ChildType eData) 
       string bits;
       for (int a = sizeof(eData) * CHAR_BIT; a > 0; a--) 
          bits += ((eData >> a) & 1) + 48;
       return bits;

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    Two things:
    1. As JoshR pointed out, not all systems will be 8 bits/byte. Another valid solution is to use numeric_limits as I have, but make sure to do so with unsigned char, rather than char.
    2. While you have used the same function I wrote, I would recommend converting to std::string from char*. The reason for this is that there is a memory leak. Notice that I assigned the pointers to named variables, and then called delete[]. This is because memory was allocated with new[], and so, must be deallocated by the user.
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    thanks for all the suggestions.

    JoshR I tried your method for doing the circular right shift but it didn't work as expected because of the data type being char therefore, the numbers weren't displayed.

    As for the size, I want it to be 32 bit binary number for all values.

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    Char is just a one byte data type, you can display the number with (int) num.

    Or you can use an int and do the same thing just you add a bigger number but it works.

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