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    Compiler Creation

    Sorry to keep posting, last one i promise!!

    Diffrent question, if one day in the distant future I wanted to create a compiler, would it be possible in C++, or are they written in assembely language, like the machine code, if so I understand learning assembely language needs a MASSIVE learning curve, far greater than C++ as it is such a low=level language. Am I correct in this, I would appreiciate your views

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    You can right a compiler in whatever programming language you wanted. You could compile source code to machine code with a compiler written in Perl if you wanted. Or with a compiler written in Brain............

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    BrainfXck (where X is U (duh)) is really quite an interesting language. I was reading about it recently and managed get hold of a compiler for it.

    Programming in the language is somewhat laborious (more so than C) due to the obsfucated nature of the language itself. Still it's different, and different is good.
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