Thread: Subclassed editbox: Do I need to create 2 subclasses for 2 edit controls?

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    Subclassed editbox: Do I need to create 2 subclasses for 2 edit controls?

    Hi there.

    I am using

    Operating System: Windows XP
    Project: Visual Studio 2003 C++ MFC Dialog Based Application

    I subclassed an edit box control because I want to capture the WM_KEYDOWN messages when a user enters characters in the edit box. I need this because I want to measure the time interval between keystrokes for the phrase (a password in this case) that the user enters in the edit box.

    But I want the user to enter the password twice, once in one edit box and again in another. So I created two edit boxes and then to each edit box added a control variable of type the custom edit box subclass I created.

    Now the problem is that when a enter a character in either of the edit boxes, the OnKeyDown function of the subclass is called.

    How do I know in which edit box did the user type in the key?

    Should I rather create two subclasses for the edit boxes, and create a control variable for the one editbox that is of type: the one subclass, and to the other editbox I add a control variable that is of type: the other subclass?

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    First off, post in the Windows Programming section, next time.

    As for your question, you're processing in a WndProc function, so you could just do a test against your HWND type argument. Or you could retreive the ID from the HWND handle and check which control it's from.
    void function(void)

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    Hi Jaken

    I am not processing in the WndProc function.

    Lets say the class that I created, the custom edit box class, is called CMyEditControl. Then the function that I use to process the event that a key was pressed in the edit box looks like this:

    void CMyEditControl::OnKeyDown(UINT nChar, UINT nRepCnt, UINT nFlags)
    	// TODO: Add your message handler code here and/or call default
    	char pressedKey;
    	pressedKey = char(nChar); 
    	short keystate;
    	case VK_SHIFT:
    		// do whatever
                    case VK_LEFT:
                                    // do whatever
    The OnKeyDown is the default name for the event handler( the one that MFC creates for you). How do I get hold of the HWND handle from here (from within this function).

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    Assuming 'CMyEditControl' is an mfc CWnd derived class then either use the CWnd::m_hWnd member variable or the CWnd::operator HWND.

    Please post any future windows specific questions to the windows board.
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