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    Arrays and Constructors

    Hi everyone. I have this class...

    class ApplicationType
       vUIButton Buttons[5];
    and I need the constructor of this ApplicationType to set up all my buttons. The buttons' constructors look like this:

    vUIButton( char* Text, RectangleType* Area )
    (So normally I would make a button by saying "vUIButton ExitButton( "Exit", NULL );".)

    How do I do this with an array? I want the buttons to be like this:
    1. "New", NULL
    2. "Load", NULL
    3. "Options", NULL
    4. "Credits", NULL
    5. "Exit", NULL

    I know that i could do it like this...

    vUIButton Buttons =
       vUIButton( "New", NULL ),
       vUIButton( "Load", NULL ),
       vUIButton( "Options", NULL ),
       vUIButton( "Credits", NULL ),
       vUIButton( "Exit", NULL )
    ...but this won't work in the constructor.

    How do I use an array's objects' constructors in the constructor of the class that contains them? (Wow, that was a weird sentence...)

    Thank you very much for your time. It is greatly appreciated!

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    You don't. You can just skip the use of the array's objects' constructor and use member functions or whatever to set the data instead. Or you can use a vector and push_back objects which will allow you to use the constructor.

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