Thread: Storing random number in array(sequential search & bubble sort)

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    Storing random number in array(sequential search & bubble sort)

    i have generate random number, 1 - 20, such a sequence may or may not contain duplicates. Print each number as it is generated, and store it in an array, but only if it is not a duplicate of a number already stored.
    for(int i=0;i<20;++i) {
        cout<<randomInt<<endl;  // print each number
        MyRand[i]=randomInt;  //how to store all unique number 
     // (no  duplicates in a one-dimensial array
    // (use sequential search) 
     // - Use a function to search the existing array 		  
      // After you have created the array, print it along with its
    // actual size - Use a function to print the array.
    // Then print the array again, this time in sorted in increasing  
    //order - Use a function to sort the array (use bubble sort)
    Please can anyone guide me into successfull coding. I need this ASAP, coz the due date is near. Please help, i am beginner , i am trying to learn. E-mail me at:

    Anyone can help, please give me your MSN. ok. THX alot.

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