Thread: Trying to upper case a string

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    Trying to upper case a string

    I know there is a much easier way to do this with a for loop but I am trying to learn the STL algorithms so that's why I am doing this. I have my function like so:
    void Words::UpperCase(void)
    	for_each(words_.begin(), words_.end(), uppIt);
    void uppIt(std::string &par)
    	for_each(par.begin(), par.end(), toupper);
    Here, words_ is a vector of strings. It is not working for some reason, my strings are still not capitalized. Please advice, thanks.

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    toupper() does not modify its parameter, it returns the upper case character.

    You need an "uppIt" for characters too.


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    >I am trying to learn the STL algorithms so that's why I am doing this
    Then it would be a good idea to mention that the operation passed to std::for_each isn't assigned back to each element of the container. std::for_each is more like this:
    template <typename In, typename Op>
    Op for_each ( In first, In last, Op op )
      while ( first != last )
        op ( *first++ );
      return op;
    What you want is std::transform, which is similar to std::for_each and actually assigns the result of the operation somewhere, which can be the input container:
    std::transform ( par.begin(), par.end(), par.begin(), std::toupper );
    However, because there may be two versions of std::toupper depending on the headers you include, this is actually illegal because std::transform doesn't know which std::toupper to call. This problem isn't unique to std::transform. For example, if in the code you gave, you included both <cctype> and <iostream>, you've managed to include both a single argument version of std::toupper and a two argument version that accepts a locale as the second parameter. The safest fix is to create your own function (or better yet, function object) that picks the right version for you:
    class upper {
      int operator() ( int c ) const { return std::toupper ( c ); }
    std::transform ( par.begin(), par.end(), par.begin(), upper() );
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