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    MSVS.NET'03 .. Help.

    What happened?
    I opened MSVS.NET 2003 just as I have many times before. I Created a new Win32 Console Project, and selected "Empty Project." I then proceeded to add a new ".CPP" file and... and... wait a se... where is it? What happened? For the first time, MSVS.NET'03 didn't list ".CPP" in the "New File" Dialog.

    What did you do after that?
    Obviously something was wrong, so I created the .CPP file myself. To make a long story short, while I was coding I typed "::" to list the MSVC++ built-in functions and... and... w... what... where? Only a few were listed...

    Confused? Because I am.

    Just reinstall, and that should fix it.
    I did, and it did not fix it. So I decided to uninstall it completely. Well, thats what "I" wanted to do, but MSVS.NET had other ideas. It decided it was just not going to uninstall itself. I got this error, "Setup is unable to determine a valid ordering for the installation. See the error log for further details."

    Did you make any attempts to correct this new problem?
    Yes I did. Well kind of... Usually the first thing I do when I encounter a problem is use Google to search for anything similiar to my problem, however; I am not exactly sure what this issue is or what keywords to use, ja? As a last resort, I decided to open MSVS.NET one more time. I stared at its MFC dialog and asked, "Please, Stop being so back-asswards and just fix youself. Please?" Of course we all know it didn't say anything back to me. I just took it as a "no" and closed it.

    Can you elaborate on what exactly happened?
    Yes. I opened MSVS. I created a new Win32 Console Project. Clicked "File", selected "Add New Item" and the "Add New Item" Dialog appeared. Usually your able to select ".CPP" files to add, and this time I was not, as in; it wasn't there to choose or select.
    Later I realized a lot of the built-in functions were not being listed too after typing "::" ... It can still compile code perfectly, even the functions it does not list.


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    i dunno about the .CPP missing( i dun use that compiler anymore) but as for the function list not comming up after the :: usually this will fix it once it has time to rebuild the database, go to the projects folder and delete the *.ncb file, thats where it stores the data for the "intellisense" and such, and sometimes it gets screwed up, or out of date.
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