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    Question variable declerations

    hi there,

    do this codes differs? if so which way? what about performance?

    type a,b,c,d,e, ........................ , x2, x3, x4...... , y9;
    type a;
    type b;
    type c;
    type y9;

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    no, the 2nd is just longer

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    It is a matter of style, no more. I would use an array with enums as indexes, but that is my style.

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    If "type" is a pointer then there is a difference. You must add the * to each variable you want declared as a pointer under the first scenario.

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    Right.... There will be no difference in the compiled code.

    The 2nd method will allow more space for more-descriptive variable names, or comments (explanations of what the variable are for).

    Use whatever method makes the code easier to read & understand.

    If you need that many similar variables, it looks like an array (or a few arrays) might be the way to go.... It depends on the program... how the variables are related, etc.

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