Thread: Help with pointers?

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    Help with pointers?

    I'm having issues learning these pointers.. what would you use them for? I don't get it...
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    Lots of things, arrays, to have a little control over memory usage, edit objects passed into a function without the need to return, all kinds of things. Some people can probably list many more, I just can't think right now, it's also kinda hard thinking of all the things you use them for and then explain it to someone. Sorry, I'm incredibly tired lol

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    Pointers hold memory addresses. Sometimes when you're dealing with large data structures and you need to send those structures to a function or something, it's a lot easier to send the location of the data structure, than the entire data structure itself.

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    pointers also allow for dynamic memory allocation/deallocation... you'll learn about that in more detail when you get to learning about linked lists...
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