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    ok how can i get it so it will ask for a string and the string will be and number of char long.
    hello or hi
    and have if check the string to do something like this:
    ok you tyeped hello so the program will say "hello to you too"

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    If you're familiar with the C++ string class, just use cin >> yourString like you would with an int.

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    string user_input;
         cout << "Enter a statement: ";
         cin >> user_input;
         if ("hello" == user_input)  //overloaded <string> class == boolean operator simulates the <cstring> strcmp( ) function
              do stuff here
         else if ("hi" == user_input)
              do stuff here
              do stuff here

    [edit] moved constants to the left-hand side of the == based on this tip [/edit]
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    thanx that was easyer than i thought

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