Thread: String Functions

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    String Functions

    Is there a place that lists all the string functions like len, upper, mid etc?

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    I'm not sure how complete that is, but check it out.

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    ty, that has quite a bit of stuff in it about strings.
    Im trying to make some code that will change the font of a keyword when it is typed in, im trying to make a little program that makes web pages and I need it to high light tags. Im using the N3D SDK, so that has a lot of added functions in it for the windows API, so I can easily change the font, I just need to make my own code to search through the text box and find those keywords!

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    Most(or maybe ALL) compilers come with help files. These help files should have all the information you need on the string class.Theres always the online version of MSDN.Failing that google will return plenty of hits for std::string member functions.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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