Thread: Multi-language programs?

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    If you want to make your own language, you should start by looking at some of the other programming languages around. Many are not the same -- take a look at Scheme, Ruby, Forth, Joy, Lisp, Io, and maybe some esoteric ones like Ook!

    You don't need a compiler; you only need an interpreter, which is easier.

    If you create an RPN calculator, you are not far from creating a programming language. This happened to me accidentally. Looking up what "RPN" means is up to you, though.
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    You could also make up a scripting language, and just make a program that will run it. Kinda like how HTML and such works, it's not actually compiled, just saved as a file, and read in, based on the input do whatever. Sort of what Rashakil was talking about as an interpreter, just basically reads in text and parses it and "runs" it.

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    HTML is not a scripting language, nor a programming language. It is, as it's name explicitly says, a markup language. It's used for documents. Perhaps a more appropriate analogy might be PHP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by major_small
    you'd have to take the whole platform into consideration: AMD or Intel? 32 or 64? windows or linux? etc. etc. etc.
    now thats a hastle.

    Some day id like to make a language that translates to win32api mixed with c++ to make windows calls a little easier.....

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