Thread: Cant solve this error... please help...

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    Ok, I think im getting it now... im going to google this and read up on it more tho. thanks for the help everyone but theres 1 thing i dont get still... why does it do this?
    int main() {
    	stats player; = 100;
    	player.debt = 500;
    	intro(player); //this... why is it player instead of stats &S?
    is that defining player as stats &S when it gets passed to intro() ? is it like the structure is just getting handed from person to person and they can change the name?
    CAUTION: Newbie at programming!
    Thanks everyone who helped me with all the questions, and utter lost-ness i happen to have... it is VERY VERY much appreciated

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    You really should study basic functions and how they work.

    Check this out:

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