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    Question Break And Build Program

    can someone help me wirte a program...heres what it should include.

    write a function BreakUp() that takes an integer in the range 0-999 as a parameter and returns each of the digits in three integer reference parameters. Wirte a function Build() that takes three integer parameters and returns a value which consists of the number represented by the tree digits. Write a program illustrating BreakUp() and Build using the specification: Every number from 0-999 is first broken up then rebuilt and the result is compared to the original value. An error message should be displayed if the original and the rebuilt numbers do not match.

    thanks alot if anyone could help.

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    oh, come on!
    you can do it on your own!

    write the code as far as possible and than ask us what's wrong...
    Hope you don't mind my bad english, I'm Austrian!

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