Thread: How effective is the tutorial on this site?

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    How effective is the tutorial on this site?

    How effective is the c++ tutorial on the homepage? Will it teach me everything I need to know?

    Can anyone provide any other links to free tutorials that'll help reinforce and more thoroughly teach me?

    Thanks a bunch in advance guys! I hope all your coding goes well.
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    Yes, the tutorial in this site will allow you to create useful programs. But, I hope you never know everything you need to know, because if so, your future is limited in terms of C++. There is just too much that can be done to know all there is to know.

    My strongest advice would be to purchase a copy of a good textbook. Books are the topic of frequent posts, so you can use the Search feature or look at the Book section of this site. Thinking in C++ by Bruce Eckels and Teach Yourself C++ in 24 by Jesse Liberty used to be available on line, in somewhat outdated editions maybe, but it's been some time since I've consulted either source and I'm not sure if they are still available. A number of tutorials are available online. Googling C++ tutorials is likely to present more options than you want, but you can give it a shot.
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    The tutorial is very limited. It will give you enough of a taste of C++ so you can decide if you want to learn more.

    Here's another (limited) tutorial. I don't know of any in-depth online tutorials.

    For example, Teach Yourself C++ In 21 Days, by Jesse Liberty is over 700 pages. Accelerated C++ by Koenig & Moo is over 300 pages. These are both introductory books. Thinking In C++ by Bruce Eckel is 2 volumes, over 500 pages each. There are no reference books (other than the actual language standard) that cover the entire language.

    If you took 2 semesters of university-level C++, you would have good knowledge of the subject.

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    Well I've got C++ for Dummies by Stephen Davis, is this one any good?

    I'm toggling back and forth learning a little bit form the site then reading over it in the book to help get a better understanding, I want to read a few other books (even if they cost $40 or even $100!) but I don't know which ones out there are the best. Any suggestions that you've read or have heard good things about?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DougDbug
    If you took 2 semesters of university-level C++, you would have good knowledge of the subject.
    I wouldn't rely on tutorials alone. like DoubDbug said, you'll need some university training or book-reading to help you out. I find the best source for information is a professer that knows what they're talking about or books. not all universities have good programming courses, either. I knew more about C++ than my professor did (he was more skilled in Java).

    edit: the tutorials on this site cover a little more than what you'd learn in two semesters of university-level C++, depending on what you learn in those courses.
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    Once you've learned a bit of C++, the C++ Coding Standards book by Sutter and Alexandrescu is an excellent addition to your collection.

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