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    what does the void command mean and how do you use it in programming?
    Sorry for being such a noobie ^^;
    Be inspired.

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    Here is an example of when void would be used:

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    void example()  // example is a function, but I have voided it so it returns nothing to main
    int main()
    example(); // this calls the function example
    return 0; 
    void example() // you can now use the function as main has called it
    code for exapmle would go here{
    return; // return nothing to main as example is void
    this is just one example of it's use in a function, but void has one golden rule:

    Never use the command 'void main()' as main must ALWAYS return an integerger or int

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    void means no type. As in, no return type for a function, so it doesn't have to return anything. Or a void pointer can be casted into a pointer of any other type.

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