Thread: Making your prgram repeat

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    Making your prgram repeat

    How do i make any simple or complex program repeat its self like the example program u give us

     #include <iostream>	
    using namespace std;
    int main()                            // Most important part of the program!
      int age;                            // Need a variable...
      cout<<"Please input your age: ";    // Asks for age
      cin>> age;                          // The input is put in age
      cin.ignore();                       // Throw away enter
      if ( age < 100 ) {                  // If the age is less than 100
         cout<<"You are pretty young!\n"; // Just to show you it works...
      else if ( age == 100 ) {            // I use else just to show an example 
         cout<<"You are old\n";           // Just to show you it works...
      else {
        cout<<"You are really old\n";     // Executed if no other statement is
    How do i make it reapeat again at the end so it doesnt close the 2nd time

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    You could use a loop. This site has a tutorial which'll teach you how to use the 3 types of loops in C++.

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