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    Post file out put

    ok im using the tutoral example and im tying to change it so i can get more tan justthis as an output and i want o make it like an array so i can use a cin to prompt for a number and have it go to that part of the string and output the charecter in that position

    #include <fstream>
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int quarry;
    int main()
      char str[10];
      ofstream a_file ( "example.txt" );
      a_file<<"This text will now be inside of example.txt";
      ifstream b_file ( "example.txt" );
      b_file>> str;
      for(int x = 15;x != 0;x--)
              cin>> quarry;
              cout<< str[quarry]<<endl;

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    What part of the program you posted isn't working as you want it to? If user input into quarry is an int less than 0 or greater than 4 you will get a bounds error problem with the following line:

    cout<< str[quarry]<<endl;

    since the word This will be read into str by the call to >> using b_file in the following line.

    b_file>> str;

    and valid indices str will only be 0 to 4. But other than that, the code looks legal and I would expect it to compile.
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