Thread: can anyone help me..?

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    Smile can anyone help me..?

    hi, I want to work out some programs..? Can anyone post me some exercises.. Thanks in Advance. I am learning C & C++ simultaneously. Waiting for ur reply. thanks in advance.


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    How about the standard ensemble of beginning programming exercises:

    * change temperature from F to C and back
    * simple calculator
    * guessing game (pick a number from 1 to 10)
    * Have user enter a line of text, and output how many vowels, consonants, numbers, punctuation, and other characters there are.
    * create an 'address book' that the user can store people's names, addresses, and phone numbers
    • "Problem Solving C++, The Object of Programming" -Walter Savitch
    • "Data Structures and Other Objects using C++" -Walter Savitch
    • "Assembly Language for Intel-Based Computers" -Kip Irvine
    • "Programming Windows, 5th edition" -Charles Petzold
    • "Visual C++ MFC Programming by Example" -John E. Swanke
    • "Network Programming Windows" -Jones/Ohlund
    • "Sams Teach Yourself Game Programming in 24 Hours" -Michael Morrison
    • "Mathmatics for 3D Game Programming & Computer Graphics" -Eric Lengyel

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    Smile thanx for the reply..

    hi, thanks for the exercises. But I have search for the books you recommended..bye.


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