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    Exclamation Child watch program need help

    Hi I am making a child super vision program for my bro brecause his son keeps going to a website and it gives the computer a trojin and hes fixed his comp 5 time so far and he's gettin he asked me to make a child watch program.

    the prblem is that i need to be able to record keystrokes and make it work in the background so can some one help me please
    i would like some example code to work off of.

    Thank you in advanced

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    why don't you simply block that url ???
    why bother keystrokes?? they won't help you a bit with that issue

    use a decent browser (Opera or Mozilla).. Nothing like the intercrap exploiter stuff

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    Ok...ask your brother this...Say your nephew asks for something, and your brother tells him no...If boy asks again 5 minutes later...does the answer change?

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