Thread: MSVC 'string' syntax highlighting like 'char, int, void'.

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    MSVC 'string' syntax highlighting like 'char, int, void'.

    How do I get msvc to highlight the datatype 'string', as 'char, int and void', for example, are highlighted by default. I've heard it is something to do with usertype.dat, but i've been unable to find or generate such a file.


    That is for .net, but I am using 6.0, I cant find the 'tool options' dialogue specified in the last stages of the tutorial...

    Many thanks.
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    As far as I know you can't make the STL string container data type itself be highlighted (I could be wrong). You can make your text strings themselves be highlighted differently, i.e. anything within double or single quotes. To do that you do the following:

    1. Go to "Tools" Menu
    2. Select "Options"
    3. Select the "Format" tab (It's the rightmost tab)
    4. Under the "Category" box select either "All Windows" or "Source Windows"
    5. Under the "Colors" box, find/select the "String" entry
    6. Select a foreground/background color from the appropriate boxes
    7. See the sample under the "Sample" box and click the OK button when you're happy with the results
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    Yeah you can sort of. change the format for Identifier. I think they look pretty as a kinda claret colour. And follow the "add a user defined keyword" help page to add a udk for std::string and std::vector etc. then format udk's a nice colour too.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    Could you please step me through creating a "UDK", I dont have the MSDN help library avalible, and a few searchs at didnt turn up anything refuitible.

    Thanks hk_mp5kpdw, I was looking for the string datatype as you suggestied:

    #include <string>
    #include <iostream>
    int function main ( void ) {
    	char one;
    	string two; // would like to highlight 'string', as a datatype in this line.
    	int three;
    	cout << one << two << three << endl;
    	return 0;
    Wonder if that would compile?

    Thanks for any help, and thanks again for help given so far.

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    There is the online version. Scroll to the part about user defined keywords. It is very easy. I put the usertype.dat file in <InstallDir>\Common\MSDev98\Bin. I tried std::string, but that didn't work (it highlighted std). So I tried string by itself and it worked perfectly. Make sure you close and re-open MSDev after you save the changes to the file.

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    Thank you dearly, that worked a treat

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