Thread: error I don't get anyone??

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    error I don't get anyone??

    Yesterday, I got a free Borland 5.5 compiler free with a book on Advanced C++, it installed ok, but when I tried to run the application it said:

    "The Borland 4.4 compiler is out of date, and needs updating, Windows has detected Devcpp 4.995 on your computer system, it is recomented that you use this compiler as it is more efficient."

    I have never seen windows display that sort of message before, and anyway, why would a book give away an out of date compiler? Is Borland better then DevC++??

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    Borland makes a lot of Visual IDEs, which are nice for doing visual design, but from what I can tell, it sounds like all you got was a command-line compiler. If that's the case, I would definitely recommend Dev-C++ over Borland. It's extremely popular so you can get lots of support, it follows the standard (Borland is not known for that), and although it doesn't have a means for visual design yet, it is an IDE, which makes life infinitely easier.

    If of course the Borland compiler includes an IDE, than it's more up to you, depending on which environment you'd prefer to work in. Personally, I would choose Dev-C++ unless I was doing a lot of Windows Programming (in which case I'd use VS.NET anyway).

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    What is the diff between Dev-cpp and (good ol') regular C++

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    Um... Dev-C++ is an IDE, not another version of C++ or anything.

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