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    Question Dev-C++ training

    Hello all.
    I'm new to programming and the C++ tutorials seem very vague at times and I have not found any tutorials that help with Dev-C++, except for one, and its not very detailed either. I also have downloaded the free version of Visual 2003 on Microsofts site (totallly legal, not a warez); But I'm not able to find info on how to make it work either.
    I can't understand why .cpp files won't compile even when they have supposably been written using Dev-C++. It has something to do with the linkers or liberaries, but I'm very ignorant on how to set those paths and I'm pretty lame in general.
    I'd like for somebody to write some tutorials that explain things using less abstract language, or skimming over details that are critical to the process.
    I have spent many hours searching for tutorials to piece things togeather, but its all a challenge when you must work all day in labor and come home sleepy .
    If somebody has the time to help someway, I'd appreciate the help.

    p.s I also fregient the local library for books, and they seem to be real, hmm, long winded and confusing. the "for dummies" books don't always produce working programs either. Guess I may be too much of a dummie.

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    Hello how are you, i always in the mood to help even if i have to
    go out of my way, i can tell you right now that no one here will
    write you a tutorial, some one may indeed provide you a link
    to a good one but who knows. anyways i would like
    to offer you any help such as i can help you through a messenger,
    or if you are fimilar with netmeeting (come with almost all version
    of windows) we could do that and i could physically show you
    how to use it. Its up to you, PM me if your interested in one
    of those and ill make it happen.

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    I'd like to do that sure. But I don't see the standard PM buttons here, hmm. I do have a Yahoo I.D. for messanger if your content with that. Thanks.

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    Its fine ill have to reinstall mine, anyways, you just click on my
    name to go to my profile and it has option to pm me there.

    But i would prefer, AIM, ICQ, or MSN, if you have either of those.
    WHatever teh case may be get your SN to me some how.

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    I use Dev C++ too, it will work with almost any tutorial you look at. You said you were unsure about linking, but that will open happen if you create a project, and have more than one source file in your project. When you compile the main() function, it will then link all the other files you have in the project, then run evreything from main.

    As for tutorials, I got a book!!! Although it is hard to find one that you will feel comphatable with.... I am more into game programming personally, but if you look on amazon or ebay maybe, there could be some good books.

    When you make a project, and want to use varibles from another source file remember to put:

    extern int player; // player is a exmaple!!!

    that way, it will get the relevent info from your main file, meaning you don't have to re-type loads of code!! I hope this helps you, happy coding

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    For the problem you are having that .cpp files are not compiling its probably because you need to include the file to a project to be able to compile it.. its not like Dev-Cpp where it can compile cpp files..

    Try this:
    File -> New -> Project
    Find Win32 Console Project, select it and enter a name
    When the Application Wizard Pops up click on 'Application Settings' and check 'Empty Project', click finish
    Then File -> Add New Item

    Then write code and compile it.. should compile fine

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    Thanks for your input everyone. I am having trouble understanding basic things as well, but I will try this techinque the next time I do a example tutorial. Most of the time when I get on a tut that has example program code, and write it out and compile, it gives me a list of errors even though I will go back to the site page and 'copy' & 'paste' it into the code editor to see if it was just some typo. But often I don't get results. I found one example for a basic loop function in a book and the syntex was out dated I suppose, even though the book was copy writed in 2003, and the compiler it said to use with example code was none other then Dev-C++.
    What is this Dev-Cpp? Never heard of that one, but I guess this will clarifiy exactly how noobish I am. I just found out there was something called J++. Maybe this is a Java version, I dunno.
    I have been studying C++ for about a month and really it seems way over my head, but even though I may take to it slower then most, I will be presistant and not give up. I have taught myself advanced animation and modeling techinques, and how to do most of what I know on the comp from trial and error. But I understand the strength of talking to experienced people about a subject. What you guys are talking about is still beyond me for the moment, and I probably am misunderstanding the few instructions you have given me aleady.
    This is why I won't give up on Dev-C++... because atleast we have this much incommon.

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