Thread: export vc++ proj to dev c++

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    vc++ proj compilation

    I m trying to export a vc++ project to dev c++. I read somewhere that i cant migrate the code directly i will have to use winapi.

    My other problem is the code doesnt have any main function. i checked for all the files but couldnt find any.
    i m using someone else's code.
    following is the link. if someone could tell me how to compile and run this proj under dev c++ it would be great.

    link to source code

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    I seriouly doubt that can be done. Dev Cpp doesn't suport resources, and probably doesn't read vc++6 project files. You can however create a new project and add the files, but the resources will have to be kept out.
    Also that code seems to be only a addon, not a real program

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