Thread: STATUS as a return type?

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    STATUS as a return type?

    hi i just inherited some code and i am trying understand and pick apart before i start using it. there's a part of code with syntax that i am unfamilar with:

    STATUS myfunct(void)
       do stuff here.
    what i am confused about is using STATUS as a return type. I tried searching for it all over in the other code, but it doesn't seem to be defined anywhere. is that just something or a standard C++ thing or system variable? i just switched over from C and i've never seen something like this.

    i've found OK and ERROR #defined in a header file as 0 and -1, but STATUS is no where to be found. the stuff works, this stuff is just greek to me.

    i'd appreciate if anyone could explain this to me or lead me in the right direction. thanks so much!!

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    I can't say I've ever heard of it as standard C++. Chances are, it's defined somewhere obscure in the code you got (probably a typedef or #define as int).
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    to me that just looks like Pseudocode, not meant to represent any particluar return type.

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    could be many things, I've used something similar to this before:

    enum STATUS
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    STATUS is NOT in the language standard. So, if it is not defined in the code, then it is defined in a special or compiler-specific library. I couldn't find it in the MSVC++ help files, so it doesn't seem to be one of the Windows typedefs.

    Do you have the compiler this program was written for? Check its help files. Does it compile?

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    it could be an object of some class. it could be a typedef... you gotta look through the code and find first use or declaration, that should tell you more.

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