Thread: in need of bios.h and bios.lib

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    in need of bios.h and bios.lib

    Basically these are two files that I need to make changes to that tracking program I found. My understanding is that used to be used in programming ten+ years ago and now aren't used much at all. I want to make changes to my tracking program, which requires recompiling it but I can't recompile it without these files that I am missing. People who have older C++ complier programs should have them.
    can anyone help me by telling me how to obtain bios.h and bios.lib!?!?


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    DJGPP has bios.h and dos.h and lots of other header files built in. I use it for my main compiler.

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    Note-These are non-standard headers* (not part of the ANSI/ISO C++ language standard), so the program may not compile unless you use the compiler that this program was written for. Worse yet, it miight not be compatible with your modern BIOS or operating system.

    Also, header files are not generally interchangeable between compilers. See This FAQ. (The odds of success are better if you switch to the DJGPP compiler, rather than trying to mix the libraries form two compilers.)

    *This isn'at always a bad thing... there are lots of things that you simply can't do in pure standard C++.
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    > My understanding is that used to be used in programming ten+ years ago and now aren't used much at all.
    Consider this to be an opportunity to really upgrade the code to make best use of today's compilers and operating systems.

    The issues you face are not going to get any simpler to solve in the long run, even if you do find some 'techno' fix for the moment.
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