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    super/interface keywords

    I learned object oriented programming with java, and in java super and interface keywords exist. But I've never come across those kewords in a C++ source. Yet.. I have the doubt. Are those keywords standard or only another of VC++ add-ons ?!?

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    Well, that's because C++ doesn't have interfaces--it has multiple inheritance, and calling a base class constructor is not done with super().

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    if I ever need that (big hierarchy tree) I think I'll use
    #undef interface
    #ifndef _MSC_VER
    #define interface class
    #pragma keyword("interface", on)

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    They are VC++ add-ons.

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    You can have the same effects in C++, but those are not keywords.

    If you want an interface, create an abstract data type (which is a class that has pure virtual functions -- although, it can have implemented functions too).

    For calling the base class constructor, you must do this in the initializer list.
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