Thread: Returning variables from dialogs

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    Returning variables from dialogs

    I have a program that spawns a dialog with DoModal. The new dialog class has a variable declared in my main dialog, as it should. How do I pass a variable from my spawned dialog to my main dialog. It is an int array. I tried passing the whole array to another array from my main dialog program, but it didnt work right. Should I use a pointer? Also, should I pass the info in the array from inside the code of my spawned dialog back to the main dialog (maybe a public variable can be used to store it?), or is it better to just get it straight from my main dialog and ask that it be returned? Geez what a headache.

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    Well, for one, this would be better in the Windows Programming.

    And the easiest way I see to do that would be to create a global variable, or at least with a scope of both dialogs, and just have the spawned dialog edit that. I can't think of any way to actually return a variable from a dialog, much less an array. Might just be me, though.
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