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    Smile compiling problem

    This error appeared when I tried compiling theprogram:

    fatal error C1075: end of file found before the left brace '{' at 'c:\Documents and Settings\TinkerBell\My Documents\Visual Studio Projects\new280\new280.cpp(4)' was matched
    Here is my code: (I know it's long.. but the program itself does not matter... I think it's the include...)
    Thanks, The utterly confused

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int hour, time_day;
    char veh[6];
    cout << "Do you drive a car or a truck?" << "\n";
    cin >> veh;
    cout <<"You drive a " << veh <<"\n";
    cout << "Please choose how many hours you parked:" << "\n";
    cout << "1. 1 hour" << "\n";
    cout << "2. 2 hours" << "\n";
    cout << "3. more than two hours" << "\n";
    	cin >> hour;
    cout << "You have to pay: " << "\n";
    {	case(3): {cout << "$5" << "+" << "\n";}
    	case(2): {cout << "$3" << "+" << "\n";}
    	case(1): {cout << "$2" << "\n";}
    if( !strcmp(veh, "truck") ) /* strcmp returns 0 if veh equals to "truck" */
        cout << "+$1" <<  "\n";
    cout << "When did you park ? ";
    cout << "1. Before 8 A.M" << "\n";
    cout << "2. Before 5 P.M" << "\n";
    cout << "3. After 5 p.m" << "\n";
    	cin >> time_day;
    	{case(1): {cout << "That's all thank you";
    	case(2): {cout << "You have to pay 50 cents more";
    	case(3) : {cout << "You get back 50 cents";
    return 0;}

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    Look carefully at your last switch-case structure... in particular case(3)
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    Oh thank you! forgot to put }

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    If you line your braces up vertically instead of the style you have used you would never have needed to post this, you would have spotted the missing brace in a second.
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    Check if your editor supports automatic highlighting of missing braces.

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    How do I find that? I have Microsoft Visual Studio.Net

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    Put your cursor next to the brace you want the match for and type control ']' and it will jump to the matching brace. The same thing works for parenthases as well, btw.

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