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    Integer and decimal

    Hello, I have a little problem with "float" and "double". The problem is that in "resultado", always appears a integral number, also when the division or the root result is decimal. I have tried to use float and double, and the result is the same. I donīt know why is happening that, in theory, "float" and "double" work with decimals.

    int main(int argc, char* argv[]) 
    int a,b,c; 
    double raiz, resultado; 
    if(c==0 & b!=0 & a!=0){ 
    resultado = ((-b)/a); 
    printf("x=%d", resultado); 
    if (b==0 & a!=0){ 
    raiz = ((-c)/a); 
    if (raiz<0){ 
    printf("Sin solucion (raiz negativa)"); 
    printf("El resultado es: %d", resultado); 

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    printf("El resultado es: %f", resultado);

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    a, b and c are all integers, so when you do math when them you get integer math. Either cast them to float/double when doing your math or just change the datatype to float/double.

    Free code:

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    Yes, the problem was that a, b, c had to be float or double. Thanks !!

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