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    Need some advise

    I have alot fo friend who are interested in learning c++,
    and i want to teach them the standard and i want
    to make sure i provide somethign that some book lack.
    that is a clear understanding of some important aspects
    of c++. I have already written a chapter, and i have an idea of
    the layout that i will end up with. however i suffer from a one
    track mind and i may forget somethings that i should talk about
    during my production of this book. so my question is, what should
    i include and what would be a good order of topics.

    Right now i was thinking along these lines :

    Getting them aquainted with the Hello World program,
    which every c++ book i have ever seen starts at that.
    Next i would like to aquaint them with declaring variables and
    what kind of infomation they hold. but at this point im thinking
    should i go ahead and bring them into strings / vectors / bitset or
    should i wait until i actually come across dealing with those
    individual header files. I do give alot of example and try to make
    them feel comfortable with everything i cover. but i also let them
    know that i understand that they wont understand some stuff
    right away like header files, and explain that its ok and not to
    let it discourage them in there progress. But i would like to cover
    most of the angles of console programming for windows.
    and if the book goes well and has alot of interest then maybe
    into a WINAPI edition. So if anyone can list a few headers or
    other items that i should cover that would be good.
    By the way if you are wondering i will not be charging anything
    for this book and anyone is welcome to a copy when it is
    completed. It will be in PDF and Word (.doc) formats.
    Also any helpful information or anyone that want to help out
    can do so.

    If you have any interest in helping out other then advise please
    PM me. If you have advise please post. THANKS for all reply in
    advance. Also i understand the work amount and the size of a
    possible book and i am prepared to take on this venture until
    it is completed.

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    Sorry i just want to bump this sinc ei wrote it late last night so
    some of the regular will get to see it and maybe comment.

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    No need to bump. People will see it and respond.

    Your intentions are noble, but the best way to help them might be to point them to a good book already written and recommended by C++ gurus, like Accelerated C++ by Koenig and Moo. The world is full of too many C++ books that aren't quite right and provide readers with inaccurate information and lead them to bad habits. It takes a lot of knowledge, time, and effort to make sure the information you are teaching is accurate and helpful.

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    Yea you are correct, but that is why im posting here to make
    sure i put only good accurate information in the book.

    i will be doing alot of research to put this book together it wont
    be a week investment.

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    Understood. This site seems to focus on beginner questions, and slightly inaccurate but acceptable solutions are often given by posters (myself included). In addition, completely inaccurate or dangerous solutions are also proposed occasionally, even if they are usually corrected. I'm not sure I would rely on the handful of gifted and knowledgable people here to keep your book accurate, especially if you are not an expert yourself. Consider reading the comp.lang.c++.moderated newsgroup where more C++ gurus hang out, including many members of the standards committee.

    Of course, I stand by my recommendation to point people to existing resources. The fact that you plan on making such a commitment to the project is all the more reason for me to suggest reconsidering the idea before you get too far in and realize that it is too difficult to complete the task effectively. I don't mean to be so discouraging, I am just afraid of more mediocre resources that divert the attentions of new programmers away from the best resources that already exist.

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    Yea your points are good but i would still like the attempt.
    But the book will be addressing most of the beginner issues,
    and alot of things people post here about that doesn't
    seem to be getting answered in books.

    Actually i am a frequent visitor to several c++ newsgroup
    usually to read though i dont post much.

    Thanks for your input though, but in my opinion the effort
    for this entire thing will be worth if it it only answers one persons

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