Thread: Starting a program when OS starts

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    Starting a program when OS starts

    How can I start a program when the operating system boots? I'm trying to cover my program through a variety of OS, so I'm trying to avoid using Systray on Windows XP. If the systray is the only way, please tell me how I can get my program there. And say I wanted to create a couple of files called myfile.txt. How can I stop my program from overwriting files with the same name? Or rather how can I keep on adding a different number to the end of each file name, that has not been used, to stop it from overwriting?

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    you can set it to add a line to the registry
    to start the program up when the os loads.

    just look up on msdn how to create a register entry and just
    look up the place and the information you need to put in the

    both should be easy to find on msdn, if not google is good.

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    systray is just a place that an application can display an icon it dosen't have anything to do with auto starting.
    which ever approach you take will be OS dependent.

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    Okay! Thanks everyone!


    Both MSDN and Google seem to give irrelevant results. MSDN only says to use the registry editor that comes Visual Studio, but I'm using Dev C++ and the gcc compiler. So could someone at least give me an example or tutorial of how to tell the program or dll to add a registry key to the registry files?
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